Vanden Willard

General of Delta Base


Tall, distinguished, and always put together, General Willard is the model of an Alderaanian officer.


A native of Alderaan, Willard was an old friend of Bail Organa, and served as a spy for the Organa family. During his career, he served as commander of Delta Base on the remote moon New Kisge in the Suolriep sector.

Willard joined the Alliance forces at the Massassi base six months prior to the first Death Star’s arrival. General Jan Dodonna assigned Willard, now an Alliance general, to command Yavin 4’s planetary defenses. Willard was speaking with Bail Organa through a secure HoloNet channel when Alderaan was destroyed. Willard feared that Princess Leia Organa had perished, and was elated when she arrived at Yavin 4 with the plans for the Death Star. When the Death Star arrived in the Yavin system, Willard began devising an evacuation plan after assisting Dodonna with the development of an attack plan against the space station.

Willard was consulted with Luke Skywalker’s successful flight simulator results prior to the battle, and supported Skywalker joining Red Squadron.
After the Alliance victory at Yavin, Willard coordinated the Battle of Shaylin 18, and then was assigned the command of Delta Base and of Suolriep sector.

Vanden Willard

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